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Information for interested students

prerequisite for registration and use traffic tool
your registration is done in conjunction with your chosen driving school. A list of driving schools, which operate with Traffic Tool can be found here . If you have registered, your chosen driving school via e-mail will be informed about your registration. The driving school will release your registration and issue you with the required number of credits. The settlement of credit also takes place directly via the respective driving school.
Optimal learning success with Traffic Tool
For the best learning results, we recommend the antecedent visit to a theory lessons at a driving school in each category. When using traffic tool, we recommend that you work through all exercise sheets at the beginning and to process the examination papers in a second step.
Credits in Traffic Tool
The number of credits which you will be given at the registration by Traffic tool as a proposal, based on the number of effective questions which are currently available in the desired category in the Traffic tool. This means concretely, with the number of proposed credits, you can (all issues) to work through all exercise sheets within the selected category again. respectively for a repeated editing the exercise sheets. individual threads and processing of examination papers is to increase the number of credits accordingly. Reorders of credit at any time. For the accurate determination of the number of credits you your driving school to answer any
Technical prerequisite for implementing the Traffic Tools
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Information for interested Driving Schools

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